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LOKtouch is an Electronic Master Key System that offers premium security. LOKtouch smart key access control utilities stand-alone electronic cylinders and electronic keys, instead of traditional mechanical cylinders & keys, or fully-wired electronic systems.

The LOKtouch electronic cylinders are retro-fitted to replace mechanical lock cylinders in existing doors, cabinets, drawers and padlocks.

Kaba restricted master key systems

MLAA Binary Plus multi- broach restricted keying system

MLAK Master Locksmiths' access key system for disabled toilets

Lock Logic design in house all our keying systems. Our master key systems suit domestic situations, guest houses, Air B'n'B®, motels, high schools, primary schools, large and small hotels, Local Government, Health Services, businesses with challenging access requirements, in fact anywhere you need to give multi level or restricted access to different people.

Having a restricted keying system gives you peace of mind that the key holder cannot get a copy of the key without your written approval.

Our Keying systems are flexible to allow expansion as your business grows, as staff change, your keying system should change. If you need a system where you control the issuing of keys to staff, you control the adding or deleting of locks to your premises, then Lock Logic has a keying system to suit your needs.

We turn a bunch of keys into a single key every time we install our master keyed systems.
Speak to our Master Locksmith today about your security key requirements.

We turned an entire box of keys into 3 keys! We reduce your great big bunch of keys to just one We turned a box full of keys for a school into just these keys


At Lock Logic, our locksmith is on call 24 hours a day almost every day of the year. If you are locked out of your house, business or vehicle, lost your keys, snapped a key off in the lock or have been broken into, give Lock Logic a call on our 24 hour number 0438009916.
In the event of a break in, you won't need to wait for the police
to arrive in most situations before we do our work. We will be able to secure your home again the same day or night. It is just another reason Lock Logic is better than the rest!
We will need to confirm your identity before we gain access to a car or property. Don't worry if your ID, wallet or purse is inside, we can verify you immediately after entry, however if we believe you do not have a right to entry, the door will be re-locked, with entry denied, and you will be charged full gain entry charges and may be reported to police.
Lock Logic are safe crackers. You will need to prove your identity and show ownership/ right of access before we open any safes. Speak to us about our safe opening policy prior to calling us out if you have any questions.
Lock Logic work closely with property managers from real estate agencies, strata managers, repossession agencies, The Protective Commissioner ( Attorney General's Dept.) and NSW Sheriff' office.
Our Master Locksmith is licensed to give security advise in relation to your commercial operations, household security and external barrier security.  We are full business members of the Master Locksmiths Assoc. of Australasia, We hold an NSW Master License, each locksmith is individually licensed, and we are fully insured with Work-Cover, and have full Public and professional liability insurance. You can deal with Lock Logic with confidence.
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